Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours is the original deep-dish pizza walking tour. While enjoying Chicago sightseeing on these Chicago walking tours, taste samples of Chicago's best deep-dish pizza, learn deep-dish pizza history and have a mouthful of fun on these Chicago food tours. Burn calories while eating great Chicago style pizza.

A unique aspect of this Chicago food tour is that you will be able to compare three different Chicago style deep-dish pizzas within about two hours.  Compare the pizza crusts, cheese and sauce, all while learning the history of the restaurants, their owners and the pizza ingredient suppliers.  While others may wait up to 2 hours for their pizza, you will learn, eat and enjoy the pizza tour in the same amount of time.

We will not stuff you into a food coma, but will give you a chance to sample three Chicago style deep-dish pizzas, learn deep-dish pizza history and have fun with other pizza-lovin' people.

What is your favorite pie, crust, cheese and sauce?   You decide!


Private Tours Available

Public Tours on Break

*Pizza tours start outside of 29 E. Ohio St. at Pizzeria Uno, Chicago's original deep-dish pizzeria.

*We recommend bringing a bottle of water.

ZA STORE features gift certificates, hats, t-shirts, and hoodies.

PRIVATE TOURS may be scheduled for most dates and times, subject to availability and minimum group size.

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Also try Chicago Crime Tours, featuring crime, mob and gangster history.